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From start to finish, we will walk you through the process and make it much easier than you ever thought possible.

Best of all, our network assessment IS TRULY free - No strings! No expectations!

Network Assessment
1. Collect necessary information
2. Examine collected information for security, performance, and availability
3. Compare assessment against industry standards
4. Provide Quote and Proposal if needed
Network Systems Design and Installation
1. Review network topology and any network documentation
2. Create network diagram and a written plan
3. Procure necessary hardware and software licensing
4. Prepare client environment for implementation
5. Complete projects at the client's discretion
6. Document and verify all project activities
Network Security
1. Scan and assess network, both inside and out
2. Work with client to determine the level of security required
3. Implement new security equipment or policy
4. Document policy changes and physical modifications